About Us

There are more than fifty years of experience behind the 720thinking methodology- years spent starting businesses, running businesses, advising businesses. Years spent developing talent, mentoring and coaching individuals and organizations. And years spent thinking and strategizing about the hidden pitfalls, the blind spots and the deeper meaning of superficial symptoms.

Created by Laura Novakowski and David Sorin, 720thinking is a holistic approach to be used to achieve better results and desired outcomes. It provides clarity, a clarity that opens the way to smart decision making.

First and foremost, we are entrepreneurial business people with a passion for innovation and execution. We are dedicated to collaborating with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and all of those with entrepreneurial spirits to help them define and achieve desired outcomes.

We have started companies, run companies, advised companies, mentored leaders and sat on boards. We have worked with entry level employees, supervisors, managers, directors and leadership teams. We are fervent in our belief in the importance of organizational culture and values and of having all aligned around them.

We believe that every organizations contains the potential for greatness- so why settle for less?

David Sorin is an attorney and long-time entrepreneur, with a number of start-ups under his belt. He works with companies of all sizes in both the non-profit and for-profit areas. He is deeply involved in the entrepreneurial community in the Philadelphia region and donates his time to programs for high school entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators,mentoring entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses. Learn more at

Laura Novakowski, MBA, RN, is a former healthcare executive and experienced entrepreneur with extensive start-up and turnaround experience. She works nationally in the public and private sector in strategic planning, executive leadership and dynamic team development. She is committed to building cultures that support health, innovation and successful, sustainable growth. Learn more at

laura_photoLaura works with executives, entrepreneurs, teams and individuals in both the private and public sector, partnering with them to discover their hidden assets and potential and helping to achieve sustainable success across all aspects of their business. As a nurse and former senior level executive (COO) in a major healthcare system, her expertise and experience led her to start ups for new health care programs and mergers and acquisitions. For more than a decade, Laura has been using her assessment, planning, facilitation and execution skills to help ferret out challenges and opportunities that have led to dynamic outcomes. Laura’s work includes organizational, team and individual assessment, executive and midlevel management coaching, strategic planning, leadership and team development and change management. Laura has a focus discovering the health of the organization, the vision, values, motivations and key results that individuals and companies are seeking.

720thinking is a method that was co-founded to provide a holistic, multidimensional model supportive of individuals and organizations.

Laura’s clients range from large healthcare systems to free standing community hospitals, to government agencies such as United States Marines and US Navy, to mid-size companies to startups of all types. Typical engagements include:

  • Working with high potential leaders and achievers to help them achieve career growth
  • Development and implementation of organizational processes that support sustainable success and growth
  • Team building and team coaching to achieve more dynamic collaborative results
  • Individual and organizational assessments
  • Coaching across the spectrum from executive to midlevel and entry level managers.

She also devotes a substantial amount of time to the non-profit community, serving on boards and committees (Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce, Back Mountain Chamber of Commerce, American Heart Association, Catherine McAuley Center for Women and Children, Dress for Success)

Laura also serves on faculty and consultant with Penn State University, Wilkes University and Marywood University to work between the schools of business and healthcare. Her passion continues to create space for professional and organization health and success.

David Sorin Head ShotDavid works with entrepreneurial individuals at all stages of their business life cycle, collaborating with them to achieve positive results. An attorney of 38 years and the entrepreneur behind seven startups, he has been guiding and collaborating with leaders and entrepreneurs for many years. David’s work includes executive coaching, strategic planning, innovation, leadership and team development and change management. David has a focus on organizational culture and the values and behaviors that align with it. 720thinking provides a holistic model supportive of individuals and organizations.

David’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies to mid-size companies to startups of all types. Typical engagements include:

  • Work with high potential leaders to help them achieve career growth.
  • Development of organizational process in the areas of sales and marketing.
  • Creation of a cultural integration model to be used for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Building a corporate onboarding program for executives.
  • Coaching young entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to lead an organization.

He also devotes a substantial amount of time to the non-profit community, serving on a number of boards (Arise Academy Charter High School; Main Line Chamber of Commerce; Society of Professional Women; The Rights of the Child) and as an advisor to a number of other organizations.

Sorin is also quite engaged in the entrepreneurial community in the Philadelphia region, heading Entrepreneurs Circle of Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group; serving as a mentor for Startup Corps, an advisor to TechGirlz, on the Board of Advisors of the accelerator Novotorium in Langhorne, PA and being a member of the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs and Philly Startup Leaders (PSL); and being involved with several regional entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives.