Building Critical Mass Leadership

May 25th, 2016   •   2 comments   

Critical Mass Leadership_5_25_2916Leadership is not a position- it is a trait. It should be found at every level of an organization, from the C-Suite to the assembly line. Every employee has the potential to be a leader, and the more leaders in an organization, aligned with the vision, values and desired behaviors, the stronger the culture, the higher the employee engagement and the greater the productivity.  Those that are looking to others to lead will rally around positive role models.

Every organization needs a critical mass- enough leaders at every level to get people pointed in the right direction and doing the right things for the right reasons.  When this happens, companies can take a great leap forward.

Leaders come in different shapes and forms. Some rebel against injustice to get management to “see the light”; others inspire their co-workers to collaborate and work hard to help the company succeed; and still others just lead by example- showing innovation, doing the work nobody else is willing to do, or stepping outside of process to make things easier.

Does your organization have the critical mass leadership necessary to propel towards success?

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  1. wanda clevenger
    posted on May 25, 2016 at 10:17 AM

    Every leader should read this. Without full engagement at every level, the outcomes, culture… will always fall short. As always, well written. Thank you!

    • Laura Novakowski
      posted on Sep 01, 2016 at 11:39 AM

      Thanks so much for the feedback!

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