The Synergy of Vision, Innovation and Results

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Every successful business leader needs a vision- an attainable, clear picture of the desired future. She needs to understand where she wants to take the business, so the path can be forged to get there. As Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”

Planning is a big part of business success. Vision is rarely achieved by sheer luck. So, the achievement of vision goes hand in hand with planning.  But planning on its own is of less than maximal value.  The plan is the beginning- execution takes you the rest of the way.  As Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”  So, planning + execution  = achievement of vision, right?

Not necessarily.  Why? Because we live in a dynamic world, subjecting us to change without notice. These changes can be internal or external to the business.  And when things change, plans and/or execution can fall apart.  Colin Powell has famously said that “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

So, what is a business owner to do?

  • Carefully, diligently and passionately create your vision.
  • Own that vision- wear it on your sleeve, share it with employees, customers and vendors.
  • Measure every key decision you make against your vision- does it get you closer to or further away from achieving it?
  • Don’t get distracted- keep your vision in focus- always.
  • Marshall your resources- financial, human and otherwise and use them in the most effective manner for achieving your vision.

Is that it? Hardly…because, as stated above, things change.  Successful football coaches make adjustments when their game plans are not working. Generals adapt on the battlefield. And smart business leaders take note of changing conditions and change their plans while keeping their vision in focus.  They do this by being innovative, while still keeping track of the desired results.  Innovation and execution together are keys to achievement of goals and visions.

In 720 thinking, we look at vision in a multi-dimensional manner. It is not a word on a document. It is the culmination of life dreams, important to the business owner’s life goals, and hopefully, to the goals of all employees.  It has to be held and examined like a Rubik’s Cube, from all sides and angles.  Innovation has to be an organizational competency, allowing any and all in the organization to express themself and provide input into how to overcome obstacles, survive downturns and take advantage of fleeting opportunities, while staying on vision.

And the focus on results keeps innovation tied to the vision. Unmoored innovation can lead to loss of focus.  Innovation connected to process and results is a multiplier

In conclusion, add these last bullet points to those above.

  • Be aware of changes occurring and monitor how they might impact achievement of your vision.
  • Nurture innovation so that it can help you “course adjust” successfully where needed.
  • Don’t fall in love with innovation just for innovation’s sake. Always tie it to results
  • Always share the vision, the right to innovate and the desired results with those in your company. It will keep them focused, engaged and accountable for the achievements needed for all to succeed.

David Sorin, JD

David Sorin is co-founder of the company 720thinking, an innovative platform for taking your business to the next level of growth through 720thinking. He has been an attorney for 36 years, the founder and owner of multiple businesses and a collaborator with and mentor to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial executives. His Entrepreneurial Obstacle Course is a framework for helping entrepreneurs achieve success. Together with his partners Laura Novakowski and Nanci Raphael they have challenged the way business leaders do business today, liberating the entrepreneurial spirit within, promoting a boundary-less path for extraordinary growth.

Hello world! 720thinking is here.

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720thinking!  What is that? It is a new way of looking at your business.  It is not about balance sheets and p&ls, although those things certainly still matter.  720thinking looks at a number of factors business leaders often overlook. It peeks in the shadows and explores the gray areas.  We who use it are experienced entrepreneurs who have learned our lessons the hard way. We want to help those who run businesses and other organizations choose the right strategy, make the right decisions, create the smart goals and define success in a meaningful, achievable manner.

We hope that each blog post provides valuable information that can be put to work immediately.  We will write on many topics and we await your feedback.

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