Employee Uncertainty – Impact on Decision Making

April 27th, 2016   •   1 comment   

4_27_2016_changing directionUnpredictable employer behavior can wreak havoc on employees. Decisions are most successful when based reliable on data and clear expectations. Capable employees who know “their stuff” can be made crazy by bosses who shift positions, attitudes and goals on a regular basis.  It is a like a fastball hitter trying to connect with a knuckle-ball.  That ball is moving all over the place and it is hard to track. Knuckle-balls are great as a part of a strategy in dealing with competitors. You want them to whiff. But you don’t want your employees swinging and missing.

Employers who communicate with clarity and set clear metrics and define success get much more positive performance from their people.  Employers and employees are on the same team- they are not competitors, so employees should always know what pitch to expect. If the boss is going to “throw a change-up,” she should give fair warning.  Employees make their best decisions when they are in sync with organizational and employer objectives.  How is your boss pitching to you?

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  1. Wanda Clevenger
    posted on Apr 28, 2016 at 12:17 PM

    So true. Your post reminds me of an analogy someone told me early in my career when I was struggling with a dysfunctional boss, ‘As above, so below’.

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