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May 4th, 2016   •   1 comment   

Sometimes momentum carries a team along like a fast moving river. Speed picks up and everyone is either hanging on for dear life or paddling fast to keep control.  There is little time to pause and examine whether the team is traveling in the right direction at a safe speed.  Communication is more about getting to the end rather than strategizing about the path being followed.

This is a picture of a team racing to complete a perceived objective without communicating about whether it is the right objective.  This may or may not lead to an appropriate conclusion.  But, it is helpful for someone on that team to raise an oar in the air and say “hold on a minute. Let’s take some time to think this through before we end up over the rapids.”

A plan conceived wteam_thrown_rapids_5_4_2016hen riding into the rapids, without appropriate forethought and discussion, runs the risk of pulling the team under water. We never recommend talking a subject to death, however a quick review of “Why this? Why now? What are the potential risks and consequences? only makes sense. It insures every voice is heard, and the opportunities and negative consequences are considered.

Putting your raft into a fast moving river guarantees flow, but is it the right kind? The flow of communication should outpace the speed of the raft.  In a healthy culture, there is good communication before the raft even goes into the river, but there is also an opportunity to “raise an oar” after things get moving quickly? Does your culture allow for either or both?

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  1. wanda clevenger
    posted on May 04, 2016 at 4:35 PM

    I like your message and analogy. Taking big steps can lead to problems and missed opportunities. Small steps or ‘nudging’ your team to the objective may get you to more successful and lasting results.

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