Healthcare Expenses Going Through the Roof!

April 20th, 2016   •   no comments   

rising cost of copays for employees

Healthcare expenses seem like they are going through the roof every year. Employers are constantly on the lookout outside their organization for cheaper health coverage and may also end up reducing the amount of premium that they pay, making the employees responsible for more.  Employees feel the weight of their higher financial responsibility which adds additional stress to an already stressed workforce.

A deep look internally could show employers that they are responsible for much of the cost.  Their  cultural practices, their efforts to do more with less puts employees into a less healthful state. As the use of medical benefits rises, so do premiums.  Benefit use rises because stress comes out in many physical manifestations and makes many existing conditions worse.  The workplace is the single largest source of stress today.

Is your company responsible for the increase in the very healthcare costs you are trying to reduce? Are you sabotaging yourself by not paying attention to the right things?

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