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July 6_2016_Employee ExperienceCompanies are so busy thinking about customer experience that they very often forget that it is the employee experience that creates it. Culture and brand are two sides of the same coin.  For the outward facing brand to be positive, allowing for an exciting customer experience, the inward facing culture must be positive.  That allows employees to feel good about the work they are doing, feel supported by their bosses and by the underlying core values of the company.  As a result, they feel as if they are personally contributing to the customer experience.

Employers need to focus inside their companies to get the right results outside. They need to remember that every employee represents the brand and if the culture is supportive, the employees will spread a positive message and will engage with customers in a positive, powerful way.  All of the data shows that organizations that recognize and act on this have higher customer loyalty and higher profitability.

Picture an employee in a “toxic” culture having a customer interaction after being unfairly treated by a superior. Is she going to present a positive face to a customer?  Compare an experience at Enterprise Car Rental with one in a retail store of a large chain, far removed from headquarters.  Enterprise gives a great experience every time. Their culture is strong. How many times have you been ignored in a store while the only employee is on a personal call? Or ignored by a waiter yakking with his buddies?

Strong internal culture equals strong customer experience. Make the employees feel valued and the customers will benefit.  Does the employee experience in your company rise to the level of the ideal customer experience?

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