Keeping Employees Focused on True North

September 21st, 2016   •   no comments   

truenorth_9_21_2016How many small team meetings have you attended where leadership has allowed the conversation to go off topic and then off agenda in a heartbeat? One thought leads to another and then another, and before you know it left field is a distant memory. Expand this happening across an entire company on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and it is easy to understand how goals are missed, projects are not completed and ideas not turned into something truly tangible.

Company leaders need to be like orchestra leaders. They need to keep everybody playing the same music, in synch with everyone else. This requires both a soft touch, and when necessary, a heavy hand. And of course, more than anything, it requires an understanding of where “true north” is and the roadmap to get there. Then it takes the ability and the willingness to communicate it continuously so that folks don’t get lost.

Orchestras have to rehearse constantly to reach performance level. Organizations do too. Practice makes perfect, or as close to perfect as humans can get. Each department of a company, like each section of an orchestra, must collaborate with the others, and each individual within a section must collaborate with team members. Leaders have the role of keeping everyone, at every level, as focused as possible.

What would your company orchestra sound like?

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