Leverage Talent – Don’t Replicate

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It is  rare for a talented group of people to come together and have their talents mesh exactly so that there is an ideal team created.  Many times there is either overlap of competencies or gaps.  The best leaders focus on what the mission of the organization is and how the talents of the employees can be utilized to achieve success.  That may mean using the talents of individuals in ways that are different from what they expect. Successful team members complement each other. Finding ways to get the best out of employees is a key and defining function of a leader. It makes the organization stronger and it makes each employee more engaged and productive.

Leveraging Talent_5_11_2016We hear so much about talent management, and about the efficient and effective use of human capital assets. That sounds great in an annual report for the investors to read.  But in the trenches, it is about doing right by the people who are committing their time to make the organization great, while at the same time deriving satisfaction in their work.  Two people whose talents appear to be exactly the same can use those talents in totally different ways for the benefit of all. Nobody wants to be redundant. Everybody wants to be valued and to value what they do.

Getting great talent is a wonderful first step.  Getting the most out of talented individuals brings far greater results.  Great basketball players make the rest of their team better. Great leaders find a way to bring out the best in everybody. What would Michael Jordan say about your company?

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