Make Healthy Culture Change Moments Count

June 22nd, 2016   •   no comments   

Most business owners and leaders believe that they have infused their organization with a healthy culture. They do not necessarily focus on keeping it that way.  There is much to think about and more to do, and culture moves out of the mind of many leaders much too quickly. (We believe that there should always be a place in the mind-share of leaders for organizational culture but it doesn’t always happen.)

Amazingly,  one or two moments can begin to cause a crack in a culture. Behavior unaligned with core values can set a bad example that others soon follow.  Here is a symptom that needs to be addressed before it becomes full-blown disease.  If multiple cracks occur before leadership turns its attention back to the culture, they may find something they do not even recognize.  Toxic cultures don’t start that way- who would go to work for a toxic organization?

June_25_2016_teaching Moment__blog graphicsOver the last few years we have heard a lot about “teachable moments.”  In corporate culture, there are those moments that may not look critical but are, and they revolve around how deviations from core values and behaviors aligned with them are addressed. Ignoring them or blowing them off is not a sign of benevolence, it is a sign of negligence.  The culture needs to be nurtured and treasured and kept whole by all who work within it.

Slipping involves falling down, not moving up. An organization cannot move forward if it is constantly slipping. If cultural health matters-and it does- use every opportunity to support healthfulness.

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