Motivation One-on-One

October 5th, 2016   •   no comments   

Leadteamofone_10052016People on a team, even a small, collaborative team, may not be motivated by the same things or in the same way. A leader can give a rousing motivational talk that she thinks she has hit out of the park and still leave half her team feeling unmoved. This is not uncommon, nor is it necessarily a recipe for disaster. But it is worth noting.

Motivation needs to happen one person at a time. It can be exhausting for a leader, and those that can’t or won’t make the effort may soon find themselves in a role that doesn’t require such intimate contact with individuals. Keeping a team focused on their goals and collaborating in an engaged manner requires understanding and touching the needs and motivators of each individual. And each individual is different.

So leaders, strap on your helmets, and put your heads down and get in there. If you think you can do it with a hands off approach, you are dreaming.  Think about it from an employee point of view?  What if they are thinking- Why should I care about this? Why are we doing it this way when my way is better?  This is a waste of my time!  You want to know and respond to these types of concerns. If you don’t, then what?

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