Our Approach

ideaOur approach at 720thinking is simple. We work with the right clients- the ones that want to achieve a higher level of success; the ones who want to overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way; the ones for whom “excellence”  is not just a word, but a pursuit; and the ones who want to innovate and create something new, vital and sustainable.  720thinking applies to individuals and organizations. Both are unique, individual systems that can be positively developed using a systemic approach.

Organizations and individuals have multiple dimensions. Key facets may not be visible through even  a 360 degree view. Important data may not sit on the surface, but instead resides deep within or high above the plane we are examining. So, “720″, being a multiple of 360, is representative of an approach that explores numerous views and planes, not just one.


Applying 720thinking, we:

720thinking is not a strategy. It looks at strategy and helps show whether the organization is aligned with their strategy or not. It is not a solution. It is a means to determine what needs to be done to achieve success. We help leaders and teams, entrepreneurs and individuals within an organization, see obstacles, avoid missteps, confront challenges and create change.

Our process, through the use of specific lenses, helps bring about clarity so that we can avoid being affected by negative influences, such as those below:


Being unaware of blind spots or by wearing blinders that negate our peripheral vision.

Having our decision making negatively impacted by emotions, long term habits, relationships and other forms of subjectivity or data errors that negatively impact our critical thinking and become Decision Demons.

Having our attention, focus or energy sapped by an Energy Vampire.