720thinking utilizes a number of lenses through which we view systems. Each of the lenses provides a dramatically different view. Every individual and organizational leader must have multiple lenses available to them in order to truly see and understand the complexities with which they must deal. One lens does not give a full view.


The Microscope:

We use the microscope to symbolize a deep dive into the organization to take a look at what is happening below the surface. Often what is happening below the surface is simmering, only to unexpectedly explode.


The Telescope:

The telescope is symbolic of the big- picture view, the need to escape the details. It speaks to the need to look at an individual or organization in its entirety as it relates to other individuals or marketplaces.


The Periscope:

We use the periscope in those situations when there is a need to get above the fray, out of the inner workings and into the fresh air.


The Kaleidoscope:

At times the elements we view through the other lenses don’t make any sense. They may not be fitting together the way they should. There is thus a need to mix things up, to shake the pieces into a different configuration to make sense of them.