720thinking is applied by our professionals to help individuals and organizations achieve desired results. We have a proven, holistic methodology that combines six critical elements in a manner that creates a multi-dimensional view of “what is really going on.” This process also stimulates ideas and commitment around what the future can bring.

720thinking is analogous to an MRI. It probes the depths of multiple dimensions and helps ferret out obstacles to growth and success. It highlights strengths and it showcases opportunities for improvement. It peeks into corners that normally go unobserved. It facilitates the pinpointing of what needs to be done to achieve desired results.

Our tools are the business equivalent of telescopes, microscopes, periscopes and kaleidoscopes. (We have developed icons to signify which lens we are using at any given time to explore the multiple dimensions.) We use them to separate idiosyncrasies from patterns; unique events from nascent trends; and true opportunities from pipedreams. We try to be an early detection system. History clearly shows that some of the greatest scientific discoveries have been made not by the naked eye, but through the use of lenses offering different views of familiar objects, or focusing on objects of which we were not aware known to us.

720thinking offers an objective approach for leaders who may be too subjectively engaged (or maybe not engaged enough) to really understand what is going on. Some leaders are wed to a view of what their organization or their personnel once were and have not managed to view changes that have transpired that may be detrimental to the organization or within themselves.

The six elements include decision making and all of its key components; the communication and feedback loop; the culture/brand dichotomy; the flow of information into , through and out of the individual or organization; FORCES, which is our acronym for those forces critical to success; and MULTIPLIERS, those competencies that help an organization or individual become more fully realized.

When matrixed, the six elements become a multi-dimensional picture offering huge insights, and thus opportunities, for individual and organizational growth and development. A traditional organization assessment might reveal a data point that is viewed as purely anecdotal and incidental. But when viewed across our matrix, the same data point may appear in different dimensions, thus highlighting a serious developing issue.

When issues are pinpointed, our methodology lays out a process to resolve each one of them. We don’t just help you locate the problems and challenges, we work with you to eliminate them and to develop and capitalize on previously undiscovered opportunities.

720thinking explores decision making and communication and how they flow around and through an organization. These two key areas have major impact on everything and are important to every facet of an organization.