A big part of moving forward is having clarity about one’s starting point. An understanding of the present state is the beginning of the quest for the ideal future. Read More


For 720thinking, the preferred approach is methodology over madness. Systematically and strategically working on the business is much more effective than trying ad hoc tactics that business leaders and owners all too often attempt when businesses start up without a plan, become stalled, even in the midst of overwhelming, uncontrolled growth. Read More


Development must take place at all levels of an organization. For an organization to thrive it must have processes in place to turn entry level workers into experienced workers; experienced workers into supervisors; supervisors into managers; and so on up the organization. Sales personnel need to develop into stars; and executives need to be developing their leadership skills as they move up the ladder. Teams at all levels have to develop the competencies that allow them to excel and achieve the results that the organization requires of them. Read More


Every business has a culture. It exists whether there is awareness of it or not. Some cultures create space for growth, innovation, and motivation. Other cultures, whether by intention or accident, do not. To generate it, the culture has to be made up of certain values. Those values, right or wrong, good or bad, are played out in behaviors that build or destroy a business. Read More


720thinkers have come to know and understand that innovation infuses new energy and ideas into organizations, teams and individuals. Innovation offers new ways of doing old business, challenges the status quo, stimulates change and generates sustainable growth. Read More


Keeping stakeholders engaged in the success of the organization is critical to its success. Loss of focus can happen for a variety of reasons, but when it does, it can be difficult to get it back. Lack of full engagement plagues organizations of all types and sizes and it leads to breakdowns that can lead to poor results and ultimately failure. Read More