Every business has a culture. It exists whether there is awareness of it or not. Some cultures create space for growth, innovation, and motivation. Other cultures, whether by intention or accident, do not. To generate it, the culture has to be made up of certain values. Those values, right or wrong, good or bad, are played out in behaviors that build or destroy a business.

720thinking focuses on helping individuals and organization to understand the importance of culture and its connection to positive results. Recognizing the positive results as the desired future state, the organization needs a framework that paves the road to get there. That road is paved not with good intentions, but with positive actions and behaviors.
Culture like anything else, needs to be defined, influenced and managed. Using the 720thinking methodology, we help organizations to create positive alignment by evaluating systemic factors that are supporting or impeding success.

Focus on doing great, important work

Does the culture fully understand and appreciate the significance of the vision and values of the organization so that there is an ongoing vibrancy that leads to excellence in all areas? Or, is there an undercurrent of complacency and lack of focus?

The overarching environment

Is the environment one that actively seeks out and rewards creativity, imagination and innovation? Or is the culture punitive, causing individuals and teams to be fearful of making mistakes, taking risks and allowing failure?

The physical layout.

Is there space to accommodate independent thinking time, areas that afford distinct quiet or loud music – whichever helps to stimulate creativity and innovation? Is there space to accommodate larger gatherings and meetings for teambuilding and collaboration?

Process that supports function over form

Does the culture support a degree of flexibility, ability to change and resilience in the face of challenges and impending disasters? Or is there such a degree of rigidity that process takes away any breathing room for doing things differently or better turning leaders in police and workers into people checking boxes rather than thinking and performing at optimal levels?

Consistency in accountability and communication

Are roles benchmarked and behaviors evaluated in a timely and consistent manner to ensure high levels of understanding and accomplishment? Or, is there a laissez faire approach and attitude that pervades the environment to the degree that high performers make an early exit and complacent mediocre workers take up valuable space?

Sense of collaboration and resourcefulness

Does the culture expand beyond its literal and virtual boundaries to seek out new ways of thinking and creating that lead to cutting edge change and extraordinary innovation? Or, is there an attitude of superiority or competitiveness that impedes networking and cooperation that ultimately limits valuable contacts and connections?

Atmosphere of learning and growth

Is it a culture that advocates customer service, satisfaction and complete loyalty? Or, are more dollars and attention spent on using the customer service department as a repository for complaints, dissatisfaction and closing out of accounts?

Promoter of the brand

Does everyone, at every level, without solicitation and prompting, share with customers, stakeholders and communities at large the company’s value proposition? Or, is the word out that business is floundering, struggling, unethical, or, or, or?

720thinking still believes “Culture is King!” You either get the culture you need and want in order to achieve the results you want; or you get the culture you get. Randomness is not an answer.