A big part of moving forward is having clarity about one’s starting point. An understanding of the present state is the beginning of the quest for the ideal future.

720thinking uses a variety of assessment tools to help clients develop that clarity. We use them to take a deep look at individual and organizational behavior.  Data consistently shows that organizations with a higher than average degree of employee engagement have a higher than average bottom line.  Employee engagement comes from a clear vision and strong values.  Strong values support certain beliefs and attitudes and demand certain behaviors. These elements occur in cultures where individuals are aligned with the organization. Assessments help determine how strong the values and culture are and how aligned individuals are within the culture.  They provide information that is relevant to executives, employers, entrepreneurs, employees, partners, investors and customers. This data can be the basis for a course of action to reverse challenging situations, foresee future obstacles and ultimately set the stage for more dynamic growth.

720thinking uses the following instruments to assess strengths and talents, current situations, and opportunities to grow and change by identifying performance and operational gaps.

720thinking Organizational Assessment