720thinkers have come to know and understand that innovation infuses new energy and ideas into organizations, teams and individuals. Innovation offers new ways of doing old business, challenges the status quo, stimulates change and generates sustainable growth.

Innovation is lifeblood. It is needed to remain competitive and make advances; stay fresh with customers as demand requires something new and different. 720thinkers appreciate that disruptive technologies change the world, new business models create greater service and satisfaction and creative products and services can meet multiple needs. Every company has to be moving forward. There is no standing still – only forward or backward. Organizations and leaders need to keep innovation pumping through themselves and their companies on a constant, continuous basis.

720thinking works with individuals and organizations to:

Innovation is not just about product design. It needs to be an element of every process and every function within an organization. The competitive landscape is constantly changing, as are value propositions. The true differentiators can be anywhere, from the accounting department to customer service to supply chain. Using innovative thinking in places others ignore can be the difference between being an industry leader or an also ran.