For 720thinking, the preferred approach is methodology over madness.  Systematically and strategically working on the business is much more effective than trying ad hoc tactics that business leaders and owners all too often attempt when businesses start up without a plan, become stalled,  even in the midst of overwhelming, uncontrolled growth.

With strategic thinking and planning there is more to business success than “checking boxes.”  It involves keeping an open mind, not just finding information or data points that support pre-existing beliefs. The strategies need to be thought out in advance. The areas of challenge and change need to be analyzed for more in depth understanding.  The 720thinking engages leaders, teams, boards and customers in a more disciplined and consistent approach to determine organizational and individual success.

Developing a strategy is a process, not an event. It needs to be done objectively, which is where 720thinking comes in. We provide the objective facilitation and guidance that confronts the subjective and sometimes emotional internal views of stakeholders. Plans are living and breathing documents that need to be implemented with care and discipline, reviewed periodically and updated or amended as internal or external conditions change.


The approach for Strategic Thinking and Planning