Some Shortcuts Are Dead Ends

October 19th, 2016   •   no comments   

dangerinshortcuts_10192016It is always exciting to find a shortcut, especially one that saves time and aggravation. There is a great feeling in missing three blocks of traffic by making a quick turn you never knew existed. Shortcuts at work can provide the same type of satisfaction. But what needs to be considered is what is being sacrificed by taking a particular new route.

Process innovation is important as long as the core values of the organizations and the quality of the products or services are maintained or enhanced.  Saving two days in production time by bypassing Quality Control or Safety procedures is a big shortcut- but it leads to a big dead end.  The time saved up front will lead to huge cost and time expenditures down the road. And it represents a major pivot on ethical, integrity, and best practice standards.

Shortcuts present themselves every so often.  Make sure they are not fool’s gold.  They can ruin you. Sometimes the path not taken should not be taken for good reasons. Do you consider the consequences of each potential shortcut before taking it? If not, beware.

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