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Beware of Knee Jerk Leadership

July 20th, 2016   •   no comments   

July20_2016_ knee jerk_leadershipLeaders are people too. They react to triggers, they get their buttons pushed just like everyone else.  But one of the competencies that a leader is supposed to have is the ability to ignore it when those buttons are pushed.  They are supposed to know that bad decisions happen when they are purely emotional, based on anger or some immediate unexpected event that provokes them.

Organizations expect their leaders to be able to make smart decisions under all circumstances.  Decisions need to be rational, whether they are based on a lot of data points or one view.  Leaders need to always remember that their decisions are signals to their employees and to those outside the organization who may be impacted by them. That, in decision making there is a thought process at work  and there is consistency with the vision and mission of the organization.

Leaders who are reactive and who shoot from the hip might like to think of themselves as “cowboys” in the heroic sense, while they be petrifying everyone around them.  Leaders need to give their teams a sense of security, of predictability, and of caring- caring that the decisions will be made with their well-being in mind.

Knee jerk reactions are the antithesis of the above.  They create employees who are afraid to be in front of the boss and afraid of what the boss may do when others are in front of him or her.  And fear does not fit in a strong culture

If you are leader with a quick trigger, learn to count to 100, giving you time to think before you act. You will make better, more consistent decisions and you will get better results all around.  What are your thoughts?

Why Chaos Continues to Reign

June 15th, 2016   •   no comments   

Does your leadership share the Vision of the company with the employees? Does everybody get it?  Because, if not, there may be trouble ahead. Most cars now have GPS that directs drivers to the fastest route to their destinations.  Most companies do not have anything like a GPS and if they do they don’t employ it.  

June 15_2016_Signpost-sending-you-to-every-direction-Stock-PhotoPicture this – The owner or the C -Suite doesn’t share,  They jump into their Porsche Panamera (big enough to hold four) and zoom off, yelling behind them “Follow us!”  But they are gone before anybody else can get to their vehicles so it is all guesswork in trying to catch up. Some don’t even try, they just stay where they are. Others make a valiant effort but after a while just do their own thing or worse yet – give up.

We now have a situation where nobody is really on the same page. Some have given up trying to follow leadership. Some are guessing at what to do. Others follow their own rules or conscience. Does this sound like an efficient and effective way to do business?  Hell no!! It sounds like chaos reigns. And this is a sound heard the world round in many organizations.  Leadership does not step up and create and communicate with clarity a vision for all to believe in and follow.  Great companies hire those who share the vision and keep and promote those who live and breathe it.  Other companies might as well be reading Alice in Wonderland to their employees out loud, leading with the line “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

Leverage Talent – Don’t Replicate

May 11th, 2016   •   no comments   

It is  rare for a talented group of people to come together and have their talents mesh exactly so that there is an ideal team created.  Many times there is either overlap of competencies or gaps.  The best leaders focus on what the mission of the organization is and how the talents of the employees can be utilized to achieve success.  That may mean using the talents of individuals in ways that are different from what they expect. Successful team members complement each other. Finding ways to get the best out of employees is a key and defining function of a leader. It makes the organization stronger and it makes each employee more engaged and productive.

Leveraging Talent_5_11_2016We hear so much about talent management, and about the efficient and effective use of human capital assets. That sounds great in an annual report for the investors to read.  But in the trenches, it is about doing right by the people who are committing their time to make the organization great, while at the same time deriving satisfaction in their work.  Two people whose talents appear to be exactly the same can use those talents in totally different ways for the benefit of all. Nobody wants to be redundant. Everybody wants to be valued and to value what they do.

Getting great talent is a wonderful first step.  Getting the most out of talented individuals brings far greater results.  Great basketball players make the rest of their team better. Great leaders find a way to bring out the best in everybody. What would Michael Jordan say about your company?

Employee Uncertainty – Impact on Decision Making

April 27th, 2016   •   1 comment   

4_27_2016_changing directionUnpredictable employer behavior can wreak havoc on employees. Decisions are most successful when based reliable on data and clear expectations. Capable employees who know “their stuff” can be made crazy by bosses who shift positions, attitudes and goals on a regular basis.  It is a like a fastball hitter trying to connect with a knuckle-ball.  That ball is moving all over the place and it is hard to track. Knuckle-balls are great as a part of a strategy in dealing with competitors. You want them to whiff. But you don’t want your employees swinging and missing.

Employers who communicate with clarity and set clear metrics and define success get much more positive performance from their people.  Employers and employees are on the same team- they are not competitors, so employees should always know what pitch to expect. If the boss is going to “throw a change-up,” she should give fair warning.  Employees make their best decisions when they are in sync with organizational and employer objectives.  How is your boss pitching to you?

Healthcare Expenses Going Through the Roof!

April 20th, 2016   •   no comments   

rising cost of copays for employees

Healthcare expenses seem like they are going through the roof every year. Employers are constantly on the lookout outside their organization for cheaper health coverage and may also end up reducing the amount of premium that they pay, making the employees responsible for more.  Employees feel the weight of their higher financial responsibility which adds additional stress to an already stressed workforce.

A deep look internally could show employers that they are responsible for much of the cost.  Their  cultural practices, their efforts to do more with less puts employees into a less healthful state. As the use of medical benefits rises, so do premiums.  Benefit use rises because stress comes out in many physical manifestations and makes many existing conditions worse.  The workplace is the single largest source of stress today.

Is your company responsible for the increase in the very healthcare costs you are trying to reduce? Are you sabotaging yourself by not paying attention to the right things?

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