Why Chaos Continues to Reign

June 15th, 2016   •   no comments   

Does your leadership share the Vision of the company with the employees? Does everybody get it?  Because, if not, there may be trouble ahead. Most cars now have GPS that directs drivers to the fastest route to their destinations.  Most companies do not have anything like a GPS and if they do they don’t employ it.  

June 15_2016_Signpost-sending-you-to-every-direction-Stock-PhotoPicture this – The owner or the C -Suite doesn’t share,  They jump into their Porsche Panamera (big enough to hold four) and zoom off, yelling behind them “Follow us!”  But they are gone before anybody else can get to their vehicles so it is all guesswork in trying to catch up. Some don’t even try, they just stay where they are. Others make a valiant effort but after a while just do their own thing or worse yet – give up.

We now have a situation where nobody is really on the same page. Some have given up trying to follow leadership. Some are guessing at what to do. Others follow their own rules or conscience. Does this sound like an efficient and effective way to do business?  Hell no!! It sounds like chaos reigns. And this is a sound heard the world round in many organizations.  Leadership does not step up and create and communicate with clarity a vision for all to believe in and follow.  Great companies hire those who share the vision and keep and promote those who live and breathe it.  Other companies might as well be reading Alice in Wonderland to their employees out loud, leading with the line “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

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